Chalk Pastel on colourfix paper

For many years I avoided working with pastel as I found this medium messy and just plain difficult to get my head around. I attended a series of workshops with master pastellist Maxine Thompson. Maxine’s teaching technique and approach to pastels opened my eyes to a whole new world of vibrant colour and texture on a grand scale.

My artworks started to increase in size as time was no longer such a limiting factor. I could see that this medium was going to enable me to work much bigger and still retain the vibrant colours that I have with coloured pencil.

Working on this scale I have enjoyed producing detailed studies of plants and animals at a magnified proportion. In some instances I have increased the view of some plants so that the images become semi-abstracted. I have also started to experiment more using colour to create mood rather than trying to replicate the exact colour of my subject matter.

Artworks in this medium would be particularly suited to corporate locations and larger areas in restaurants and offices simply for the fact that these pieces tend to be much larger.