Coloured Pencil on drafting film

I attended a drawing technique workshop in the USA and under the expert guidance of Warren Cutler a leading scientific illustrator I discovered the amazing effects that you can create with this medium and technique.

Colours with great depth and vibrance and drawings that are often mistaken for paintings. I have worked with this medium for over ten years and have run numerous drawing technique workshops from primary, secondary and through to tertiary level students with great success.

This medium is easy to master and the secret lies in layering colours and working from light to dark. Working on the drafting film also creates a surface that is very receptive to multiple layers of colour. Colour mixing is done on the drawing surface and the translucent qualities of coloured pencil on film means that many layers of colour can create an amazing new colour with real depth and richness to it.

The tip of the pencil when sharp can give extremely fine and delicate detail work which is very suitable to wildlife as a subject matter. Fur, feathers, whiskers and eye lashes are easy to do. Other effects such as iridescence in birds feathers and the watery reflections in a camels eye are easy to achieve using this technique.