Enlargement Optus Logo Dawn Chorus -
Breakfast with the Birds
Territory Craft Gallery

Jasmine’s signature style of bright, bold East-West fusion watercolours continues to evolve. This year her paintings are on a grand scale. Bigger and brighter than ever these paintings have been created to be hung in larger spaces where a unique Territory statement can be made.

Dawn Chorus – Breakfast with the Birds marks the release of Jasmine’s first collection of Artist’s quality limited edition prints. The prints have been reproduced from this collection of large format East-West fusion watercolours. Each print has been stamped with her Chinese seal, hand-signed and numbered by the artist. More details and images ...

Enlargement Optus LogoWild Water Coloured Dust
Territory Craft Gallery

A solo exhibition of exquisite East-West fusion watercolours depicting the birds and fish found in the waterways and billabongs of the Northern Territory.

The exhibition was opened to the sounds of drums and gongs as Chinese Lions visited the gallery to bless the exhibition and bring it good luck. ABC Stateline was there to film the opening of the exhibition and created a mini-documentary based on the exhibition and background on Jasmine's artistic career. More details and images ...

Enlargement Territory of Transparency
Darwin Entertainment Centre Gallery

A group exhibition featuring Jasmine Jan, Sonya Unwin, Christine Isaacs and John Dimos. All of the pieces that I produced for this exhibition were coloured pencil on film and intaglio etchings which featured the plants and animals of the Territory. Sonya Unwin produced a series of oil and watercolour paintings of flowers and landscapes of the Territory. Christine and John produced a series of collaborative works of glass and recycled timbers inspired by textures of the Territory. The Exhibition was opened by Chief Minister of the NT, The Honourable Clare Martin.

Enlargement Wild, Baked and Flowered
Darwin Entertainment Centre Gallery

Following the success of our first group exhibition, two years later we did it again. This time my worked featured graphite and pastel drawings with a wildlife theme. Sonya’s work featured mainly oil paintings and Christine and John produced another series of collaborative works featuring timber and slumped glass. The exhibition was opened by Ms Anna Malgorzewicz, Director of the Museums and Art Galleries of the NT.

Enlargement Fruit, feathers, fins and flowers
Territory Craft Gallery

My first solo exhibition featured artworks in 4 different mediums. Chalk pastel, graphite, coloured pencil and this was the first time I exhibited the East-west fusion style watercolours. I decided to create an exhibition using the four different mediums to demonstrate the extreme differences in appearance with the works completed in different mediums. I wanted to show people that I was versatile and able to produce very different effects with each medium. The response to exhibition was fantastic and in particular the watercolour paintings were extremely popular. The exhibition was opened by the Director of the Museums and Art Galleries of the NT, Ms Anna Malgorzewicz.
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Wild Jasmine
Territory Colours Gallery

My second solo exhibition featured artworks solely in the east-west fusion watercolour technique. Of all the exhibitions that I have been involved in this exhibition was the most successful in terms of response to the artworks and sales. Of the 28 paintings that were on display and available for sale 21 pieces sold. This was my first exhibition in the commercial gallery Territory Colours which is owned and run by Peter Cholmondeley. The exhibition was opened by His Honour The Administrator of the Northern Territory, Mr Ted Egan AO.